The community collabARTive, an integrated part of two transitional housing programs at Peter & Paul Community Services, is made up of transitional residents, PPCS staff, and community artists who raise awareness about homelessness, give voice to the marginalized, strengthen connections, and build bridges.

Workshops include visual, video, creative writing, and performance art that honors collaborations and collaborators.  The collabARTive provides a creative and challenging way for all to see what they are capable of accomplishing.

The primary goal of the collabARTive is to give each individual an opportunity to document an individual’s journey from homelessness to independent living through a variety of artistic mediums.

Residents and staff participate together as equals in the program. As a result, staff and residents build authentic and enduring relationships that serve the larger goal of on-going support and re-entry into the community.

In its 10th year, the community collabARTive could not exist without the support of the Regional Arts Commission and the Missouri Arts Council, its primary funders.

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