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The Metal Conclusion

6 Oct


The collabARTive concluded its metalwork class at craft alliance last week. A lot of really great pins, broaches, rings, and bracelets came out in the process. Click here to check them out!


Moving along with Metal Design

19 Aug

The collabARTive is moving right along with Beginning Metal Design at Craft Alliance – nearly all of the artists have finished crafting their wrist cuffs and begun work on more conceptual pieces. Here are a few short clips and photos of techniques and processes happening along the way…



Sketching ideas and testing them out

Getting ready to place a stone

See more!

Beginning Metal Design at Craft Alliance

8 Aug

The collabARTive just finished its second week of Beginning Metal Design with Robert Longyear at Craft Alliance. While I wasn’t able to make it out this past Thursday, I wanted to share a few photos from the previous week. I couldn’t believe how quickly the collabARTive got their hands on the metal and started making some serious dents (pun completely intended)…

Robert illustrating some metalworking techniques

Texture detail

Many a saw blades were sacrificed

Getting hands on the metal

You can see more photos here.

Looking forward to whatever sawing, banging, and clanging that comes next Thursday!