Photo Sharing

15 Apr

The collabARTive now has a Flickr account!

Flickr (a photo sharing website) will allow us to upload and share photos with anyone who visits this blog. If you have any collabARTive related images that you would like added, please email them to us at

In the meantime, you can visit the flickr account at


Footnotes from the Margin Performance

26 Mar

During the Footnotes from the Margin performance at Wash U’s Brown School, I tried recording a bit of audio with my phone. The quality of the recording isn’t so great, but the message the collaborative delivered surely is! Please download the files below and have a listen….

“I was born in a small town…”

“I am the heat…”


My privilege

15 Mar

For the past several years, I have been acquainted with this program at Peter and Paul Community Services.  But it wasn’t until I could spend Thursday nights involved in the Community CollabARTive evenings, did I realize how much my life is enriched by the relationships of these gentlemen.

My husband, Franklin and I are documenting this year with video.  From time to time, I’ll share what we see through the lens as the story of these remarkable guys starts to unfold.

Art is more than what you create, it’s how it changes and transforms a person from the inside out.  When we are done we will have “A Show of Strength” that will weave the story from here to there…. wherever “there” ends up.


3rd Degree Glass

13 Mar

NPR Broadcast

11 Mar

This NPR broadcast was mentioned during the meeting this evening, so when we got back to this side of the river we had to listen. We just wanted to post the link so that anyone who hadn’t heard it could listen as well….

NPR Broadcast

Powerful stuff guys!

-Erin and Bailey

My typical rambling preambling…

11 Mar

… but I digress. What started as a short term project, in the fall of 1999,  has become an essential component of PPCS’s first transitional housing program. For a variety of reasons, when a person joins the program, they are disconnected in many ways from their recent past and associates. The Collabartive provides a foundation for them to start building a new social world of folks who are sober, working and setting goals and striving toward them. It also created a breakthrough in communication between the men and the staff by allowing us to step back from the nuts and bolts of the case manager/client relationship and get to know each other in a more natural setting and understand the issues and concerns we, each, bring to the conversation.

The program has allowed the men to know they have something to say and the power to say it as it has generated much art in the past decade. We have done several books, gallery shows and performances over the years and they have witnessed folks from many walks and stations of society respond to their experiences and creativity.